Drink & Dial Hotline @ Creative Clash/ Committee of the Regions, Brussels

Creative Clash-Artistic Interventions to stimulate innovation, sustainability, and inclusiveness

Artistic interventions are a means of developing organisations, businesses and individuals, and thus society as a whole. TILLT Europe has been working with experts around Europe to develop policy suggestions that take into account all the areas of society that artistic interventions affect and influence: health, innovation, environmental issues, social cohesion, economic sustainability, artistic integrity, democracy, and more.

The afternoon started with a welcome and introduction, after which lunch was
served. After lunch, the policy recommendations were be presented along with descriptions of cases and discussions. The seminar finshed with snacks and performances.

This workshop and the reception afterwards will gave the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with people who have deep and exciting experiences with artistic interventions. While artist Ania Bas distributed postcards and crayons , as an impromptu Intervention Tom Estes distributed Drink & Dial Hotline cards.

 TILLT EUROPE is a policy grouping supported by the Culture Program strand 2 at The European Union. The group started this work in March 2009 and is committed to producing a package of studies to measure the impact of artistic intervention in the business field and in research projects, and to formulate recommendations on European policies that will support this type of artistic intervention.

The long term objective is to establish a European platform for cross-sectoral policy dialogue bringing together cultural actors, intermediate organisations, private and public organisations, social partners, and researchers throughout European society.

The studies on the economy of culture in Europe (link) and the impact of culture on creativity (link), both undertaken by KEA European Affairs, recognise culture as an important tool in urban and regional policys, contributing to achieving sustainable development. Our Policy Analysis Group will provide advocacy and evidence to better understand the potential of the creative economy at the European level. Initiatives taken in artistic and creative interventions in Europe have a growth potential that has not yet been fully explored.

Overall aims:
• Develop organizations in sustainable and innovative way through artistic interventions; 
• Bring art and culture to new arenas; and 
• Develop artistic methods by being present in new arenas.

A series of activities are designed for gaining input and concerns from different fields on the subject in order to formulate policy suggestions in such a way that the different actors’ interests and needs are respected.

programme at www.creativeclash.eu