Tom Estes in conversation live at the MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, in collaboration with NN Contemporary , October 10th, 2013. Situated in Milton Keynes, MK Gallery is one of the UK's leading public galleries, presenting a programme of international contemporary visual art. 

In the talk I discussed my digital practice of  c
reating an art-world-as-fiction by intentionally leaving a project unrealized. This is intended to raise question of whether the projects should be understood as an online representation – using fictional space to comment on the ‘real’ world - or as intervention- actually reordering the real world. 

I begin the process of creating an installation in which a video is projected onto a three dimensional object- in this instance a book. I then document the installation by photographing it. However this 'real time and space installation' project is never intended to be carried out but instead only set up in order to be depicted by a secondary means- through photographic documentation. This has the effect of  flattening the three-dimensional object back into a two dimensional image while paralyzing the time based sequence into a single image. This closed circuit of illusion is intended to mimic and merge with the mass media desire for immediate novelty. By reducing of the 'installation' to a single image the work references and anticipates the widespread practice of sourcing images found on the web.

MK Gallery provides free access to high quality, innovative and thought-provoking contemporary art from around the world. In its programme MK Gallery stimulates participation and debate, building relationships between artists and audiences."

Scratch Nights are a series of events by emerging local and national practitioners working in music/sound, film, expanded cinema, performance and spoken word. Pecha Kucha was organised in collaboration with NN Contemporary Art.

NN is a contemporary art space who believe that international art and culture should be accessible to all.  They work with artists at all stages of their careers to present an international programme of contemporary art and multi-disciplinary events.


MK Gallery 900 Midsummer Blvd Milton Keynes MK9 3QA