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Bexhill, Sussex, U.K 

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Tom Estes



B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design 

BTEC Video Production, City & Guilds, Lambeth College

Undergrad Certificate, Enterprise Management for the Creative Arts, London College of Communication

Undergraduate Certificate, English Local History (research techniques), Univ. of Oxford



 Tom Estes is a Grand Prize Winner at The Biennial Project Biennal 2022 at The Venice Biennale, Italy

     ·   Tom Estes recently announced amongst winners for Pixel Jam 2012   
     ·    Selected for The Biennial Project's 2011 VIP Opening reception at Venice Biennial  
     ·    Selected Winners- Boston Biennial 2011
     ·   Selected Winners The Windsor Whitney Online Biennial 2012, Splattered Columns, NYC  ·   

 ·    Selected by Eileen Cooper RA, Keeper of the Royal Academy for ING Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London 

Tom Estes' 2015 performance work "The Speculator" for the exhibition The Fall of the Rebel Angels at the Venice Biennale has been included in a write up for Croatian magazine Gloria Glam


 ·   July 27,  2012 The (Im) possible School Book -Tate Modern’s transformation continues with the opening of The Tanks 

·   The work of Tom Estes has been included in a new book of Performance Art. Emergency INDEX, published by Ugly Duckling Press is now available to purchase from their website. The Champagne launch organised by the publishers has been listed as "One of the 8 things to do in the New York artworld" 

September 25-27 A paper by Tom Estes will be included in a publication as part of The First International Association for Cognitive Semiotics (IACS) Conference (IACS-2014) will be held in, at Lund University, Sweden. in Lund, Sweden



20 May, 2017 TEDx Talk, Art. Who Cares? Salon 3 The Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

·    Two-part Interview with Tom Estes at Mnemoscape, April 2013

       Part 1.
       Part 2

·    Interview with Tom Estes at The End of Being, July 2010


20 May, 2017 TEDx Talk, Art. Who Cares? Salon 3 The Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

·   October 24th- 26, 2013  Artist Talk- Rethinking Intermediality in the Digital Age, The International Society for Intermedial Studies, Cluj-Napoca, Romania    

· June 14th - 16th, 2012 GIANT STEP 1: Enter the Artworld?   In association with The European Foundation, MOYSTN,  Vanabbemuseum:


1 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018,  Babel – Light Installation by Tom Estes at The Shell Centre, The Southbank London.

9 -20 Nov 2017 Clash "a violent artistic discussion."The Siger Gallery London, 31 -33 Church Street Marylebone, London

30 Sept 2017 Emergency, presented by Word of Warning, STUN + Z-arts

8 Sept 2016 The spacecraft OSIRIS-REx as part of NASA’s We The Explorers.- OSIRIS-REx will be the first U.S. spacecraft to land on and sample an asteroid. The aim is to retrieve at least two ounces of surface material and return it to Earth.

10 Sept 2017 The Anomaly, Live Art Performance, The House Performing Arts Centre, @ #DataAche The 21st International Conference on Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA) Hosted by the  The Arts Institute at the University of Plymouth (UK)

For more info check out page 61 on this link

20 May, 2017 TEDx Talk, Art. Who Cares? Salon 3 The Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

20 - 25 May 2017 Platforms Project 2017 - Arts Centre 121 Charilaou Trikoupi St., 114 73, Athens - 20-25 May - Stand G5

18 -19 May 2017 The Anomaly, The Affordable Art Fair, The Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

13 May 2017 Live Art Performance 'The Anomaly' The Doge's Palace, San Marco, Venice and documentation on display @ AVBIV ARTIsm3160San Marco, 3160 Salizada Malipiero, 30124 Venice Italy

12 -14 May 2017, Antennae, Lubomirov/Angus Hughes, 


11- 14 May 2017, The Anomaly, Live Art Performance, Satellite Initiative @ La Biennale di Venezia, Venice Italy

1 December 2016 Biomorphic Robotic Live Art Action Painting Performance 

InDialogue at Nottingham Contemporary 

Full video with Tom Estes at 2:49:31

27 June - 18 July Earth (42) by Tom Estes, The Switch House, Tate Modern

27 Feb 2016 Ultraviolet Sun, Art Selectronic in association with e-Media Loft and the Museum of Modern Media, Waterloo Action Centre (WAC) 14 Baylis Rd London SE1 7AA

16 June 2016 large scale digital projection on the front of the magnificent Neo-classical facade of The Weston Park Museum in Sheffield for the opening night of the Yorkshire Festival. Weston Park Museum, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TP 

20-22 May 2016 The Internet Yami Ichi (Blackmarket) Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG 

15 May 2016 Speeding and Braking: Navigating Acceleration at The Screen and Audiovisual Research Unit, LG01 Professor Stuart Hall Building,Goldsmiths College, University of London 

27 Feb 2016 Ultraviolet Sun, Art Selectronic in association with e-Media Loft and the Museum of Modern Media, Waterloo Action Centre (WAC) 14 Baylis Rd London SE1 7AA 

14- 25th January 2016 Live Art Performance 'Cake Hole' for the opening of Standing In The Shade, Mile End Art Pavilion, Clinton Rd London E3 


27 Feb 2016 Ultraviolet Sun, Art Selectronic in association with e-Media Loft and the Museum of Modern Media, Waterloo Action Centre (WAC) 14 Baylis Rd London SE1 7AA

28 Nov - 28 Dec 2015 Deepwater Horizon by Tom Estes- created for BP Loud Tate on show at the opening of Bulb Contemporary

13 Nov - 6 Dec One Plus One, Lubomirov - Angus Hughes Gallery, 26 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 OPD

 12- 25 Oct, 2015 Secret Genius: An evening of interventionist performance and video at FT Weekend, Bond Street, Mayfair London With Martin Sexton,Tom Estes,Mark McGowan,     Stewart Home, Jim Racine, Jonny Reding, Peter Lewis and an original soundtrack by Douglas Park

5 - 6 September 2015, Magnetic North, The Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough Mills, Halifax, West Yorkshire

26- 29 June 2015 Tom Estes invited to be Honorary Mayor of DEN-City, The Foreman's Smokehouse Gallery, Hackney Wick, part of the London Festival of Architecture, Supported by the Arts and Humaniteis Research Council (as part of their Connected Communites Festival) Middlesex University and the research project 'Hydrocitizenship'

·  9 May - 22 June 2015, Fall Of The Rebel Angels, The 56th Venice Biennale, Castello 1610/A, Riva Della Sette Martiri, Venice 30124 

·  8 May - 2015 The Selfie Show, MONA (Museum of New Art) 2501 Rochester Court, Troy Michgan!tom-estes---·     london./zoom/c1ouh/image1xye

·  6 -12 April 2015, Big Deal 666 24 Cheriton, Queen’s Crescent, London NW5 4EZ

·  28 March 2015 Pop Up Fuck Off artblast, 28 Tooting High St. London SW17 up-on-broadway-a-one-day-show-before-the-walls-come-down-on-yet-another-art-space/

·  22 February 2015 Chinese Open: Year Of The Sheep, Q Park, 20 Newport Place, WC2H 7PR, Soho, London  

·  17 October - 8 November 2014, BP Loud Tate 2014: Code, The Art of The Glitch, Tate Britain, Millbank London, SW1P 4RG

·  13th October 2014 We Could Not Agree, Q Park Level -3, Cavendish Square, London

·   4th October 2014 Estes will be staging a Live Art Performance for Notte Bianca, Ritz Arcades: Valletta's Forgotten Realm, 280 Republic St. Valletta,               Malta

·   3rd October 2014  Live Art Performance  at In Dialogue, Nottingham Contemporary

·   31 August - 3 Sept, 2014 Digital Installation OVERLORDS by Tom Estes will be on show at ORNC during DRHA 2014.

 ·   11 July - 25th 2014 Big Deal! Marvellous MIx-UpsX1, at Loud & Western, Broughton Rd, London SW6 2LE

·       2 Febuary2014  The Chinese Open, Q park, 20 Newport Place, WC2H 7PR London

·       5 October 2013 Tom Estes will be presenting a new performance work 'Bot' in a large industrial space, The Tram Depot, for Bruno Glint as part of the Art                 Leaks Weekend.

·     17th October 2013, Night Cleaning performance at No Big Deal, Cavendish Square, London W1

·     21 September 2013  ]Performance Open[  at Performance Space, 6 Hamlet Industrial Estate, White Post Lane, London E9         ·    ·    ·                                           

·     9 September 2013, New Gallery Walsall, Tom Estes presented his digital work 'Back to the Future' and led a group discussion as part in                     Gallerycamp, an ‘unconference’ on the future of galleries, arts + cultural organisations and the increasingly important role of the digital and new          technologies

·   13 
August  2013  Live Art Performance in Performance -Documentation for Showspace, 
·      9- 16  June, 2012  Installation 'Blitz' by Tom Estes at Coventry Mysteries Festival            festival-2013%E2%80%8F/     

·    31 August  2013 Live Art Performance in Beg Borrow Steal, at  Dilston Grove

·   13 August 2013  Live Art Performance in Performance -Documentation for Showspace, 

·    June 2013 Tom Estes chosen for Art Venice 2013

·    June 6th, 2013 Tom Estes Live Art Performance 'Emotion' at Portrait of Modern Movement, The Visual Collective, Vyner Street, London  

·    May 2- 5  Installation 'Overlords' by Tom Estes at AXIS 2013 in Chicago

·    Man With A Camera- Tom Estes in Live Art Performance for Beg, Borrow, Steal at Dilston Grove, London April 27th 2013,

·    Tom Estes listed amongst winners for Pixel Jam 2012
·    16  January 2013 Into The New, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 100 Renfrew Street, GlasgowScotland G2 3DB

15  January 2013Performance SPAM, the opening night of The London Art Fair, in London supported by A.L.I.S.N-

·    24 October - 26 Nov  2012  Health & Safety Violation, Lubomirov-Easton, Enclave 8, 50 Resloution Way, Deptford London SE8 4AL. This     ·    ·         project brings together peformance artist Tom Estes and sculptor Ben Woodeson in an experimental collaboration with Ben Woodeson. 

 30 - 31 August  2012  Nottingham Contemporary/ Primary-  Live Art Performance at 'In Dialogue'

 8- 24 June 2012 Annuale, Embassy Gallery, The National Gallery of Scotland One, Edinburgh     ·

  ·  June 2012, Art Takes Times Square, Artists Wanted, Times Square, NY

 ·  Solo performance at the opening of the London Art Fair 2012, supported by ALISN 

 ·   Work selected by Rise Art and ALISN for Scale and Place, Tower Hamlets Open 2012, Mile End Pavilion

 ·   London/ Selected by ALISN for Solo Performance, Eat With Art, London 

      June 1 – 6,  Allery Gallery, Manchester, UK

·     May 19- Aug 26 2012 Fonlad Arts Festival, UMAV Portugal

·         April 5 – 27, 2012, Fictilis: Interlife Crisis, Seattle Washington, U.S.A

·         28th March- April 7 2012, Tower Hamlets Open, Mile End Pavilion, Selected by Rise Art and ALISN, London

·         March 22, 2012 Swampy at The Giants Causeway, Ulster

·         March 20, 2012, In The Glass Box, The Ulster Festival of Art and Design, Belfast

·         March 2, 2012, Performance- Windsor Whitney Biennial Opening Reception/ Spattered Columns/ Art Connects NYC

·         March 2012 Windsor Whitney Online Biennial

·         28 January – 5 February  2012, Salon Neu, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K

·         December 18, 2011, Swampy at the Floodgates for IM International/ Creative Time/ Queens Museum NY

·         2011'Things' at the Welcome Collection, London

·         10th  - 20th November 2011 Tom Estes at The 2011 ING Discerning Eye

·         29- 31st July 2011, The Bad Art Salon, The Vintage Festival, The Royal Festival Hall, London 

·         15- 19th of June 2011 The Agency of Unrealised Ideas, Art Basel, The Kopfbau, Messeplatz Basel

·          5th June 2011 The Biennial Project VIP Opening Reception at The 54th Venice Biennale

·         May 2011  Boston Online Biennial- The Biennial Project

·          18th March 2011, 'Pick Me Up', Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA

·         3rd of March 2011 'Red Square' at 24h Open Durational Performance Action  ]Performance Space[ 

·         25th September 2010, Intervention, 'Drink & Dial Hotline' at Creative Clash, The Committee of the Regions

·         5th December 2010 'Performance All Weekender' @ Sideshow, The British Art Show, Nottingham, UK

·           ‘Things’ at the Welcome Collection, London 2010 

·         July 17th 2010, Live Art Performance ‘Cake Hole’ at ArtEvict: The New Lansdowne Club, Hackney

·         July 2010 'Archive Fever', by Tom Estes, part of [self] imaging @ NewMediaFest 2010, Cologne

·         MAY, 2010, Z4RD at The Centre for Recent Drawing

·         December 5th, 2009, The Weekend Supplement, The New Gallery Walsall

·         10th – 19th December 2010 Austerity Xmas BOGOF, WW Gallery, 30 Queensdown Rd London

·         29 October – 14 November 2010 Vanishing Point, Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick, London

·         October, 8th 2010 'Night Cleaning' at Rhizomatic, The Departures Gallery

·         September 11th, 2010,  ‘Yogurt Weaving’ in ArtEvict, at Abney Park

·          26 March - 6 May 2010 Drink & Dial, The Wilson Williams Gallery, 30 Queensdown Rd London

·         27th January – Feb 14th, 2010 exhibition 'Salon', The Embassy Gallery, Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh

·         September 19th, Lust and Luxuria, TheWhitechapel Art Gallery

·          May 22nd, 2009 RVCC, The Benjamin Franklin House, 36 Craven Street

·         September 8th, 2007, Prestalgia: A Pre-mourn of the Love Letter, The Red Velvet Curtain Club

·         February 2008, Lunacy in the Leap Year, The Whitechapel Art Gallery 

·         2006 ‘Lost and Foundlings’, 491 Gallery, Grove Green Road, London E11 
·         2006 Bangkok Film Festival, 1600 New Phetchaburi 17th Floor Makkasan Ratchathewi 
·         2005 ‘Take 291’, 291 Gallery, Hackney Road London E2 
·         2004 ‘Living London’, The International Society, John Princes Street, London 
·         2003 ‘How Much Do You Love Yourself’, London College of Fashion, London W1 
·         2002 Café Gallery Projects’, The Southwark Park Gallery, 92 Webster Road 
·         2000 ‘The Posthuman Project’, Waterloo Action, 14 Baylis Road, London 
·         1999 Bankside Browser, Tate Modern, St. Christopher’s House, Zoar Street, London 


May 2, 2012 Luxury Goods London VI - The Reality of Art:

20 March 2012 Tom Estes , Vistiing Lecturer at The University of Ulster- Belfast is 'In the Glass Box' a public event as part of The Ulster Festival of Art and Design

April 7th 2010 Tom Estes discusses his practice as an artist and his video installation shown on the night with curator Chrisina Millareat the event 'Video Is The Only Constant' at Corsica Studios.



2015 The Biennial Project Residency Venice

2013- 2014 The Florence Trust
Winter Open

2014 March 30 - April 6th Marfa Digital Residency
with the Biennial Project

2005 ‘5 day mass residence’ Trinity Buoy Wharf, 64 Orchard place, London


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